Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel is a Sunday morning worship experience designed just for children aged 3 to 3rd Grade. While parents attend the regular service, we process out of big church to gather in Burtenshaw Hall next door where we have our Gospel reading and sermon segment complete with activities and parent trivia.

  • 5 mins Prayer
  • 2 mins Snack
  • 5 mins Gospel reading
  • 7 mins Sermon / Activities
  • 2 mins Childrens Offering
  • 2 mins Parent Trivia

Children return to church to join their families at the Sign of Peace, and stay for the remainder of the service, including the Holy Eucharist (Communion).

If you are new to St. Aidan’s, please let a greeter or usher know.  We will be happy to show you to Children’s Chapel!