Membership Request

We are delighted to welcome new members into our parish!  To officially join St. Aidan’s, please know:

Any baptized person can be a member of St. Aidan’s.  All baptized people are members of the Body of Christ, regardless of the denomination or congregation in which they were baptised.

If you are not baptized, speak to Fr. Reginald to discuss your faith and your wish to become baptized, regardless of age.  St. Aidan’s holds baptisms several times a year, and we would be happy to baptize you and/or your children.

If you are baptized and/or a confirmed Episcopalian, but your official records are not on file at St. Aidan’s, we can contact your former church (with your help) and transfer your record.

If you are not confirmed (the Episcopalian ceremony for an adult profession of faith) please discuss your desire for confirmation with Mo. Pat. If you were confirmed in another denomination, that confirmation will be “received” by our bishop at a Confirmation ceremony, which is held at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta.

To help us learn more about you, please complete a Parish Information Form (PIF), which is also available at the church.  This information will help us connect you to the ministries within the church.

Plan to attend a Newcomer’s Dinner, which are held four or five times a year. These dinners include introductions to other newcomers, as well as the church staff and leaders. Other great ways to get to know people are at services, at breakfast, and in Sunday School.

Contact the church office for questions on membership transfer or to make an appointment to visit with Fr. Reginald about membership and faith: 770-521-0207.